Situated on the continent of Aeden Aequous to the north of Fairhaven, Dew Drops was the second region of Liberty Lake Isle to be explored and secured by the Trykers from the few dangerous kitins that began to pullulate there. It was the great sage, Rigan Mac Darrell, who named the isle after the water crystals that twinkle in the morning light as a reminder of the importance of water. According to folklore these dew drops are tears that fall from the stars to remind hominkind of the fragility of life on Atys. The air is particulary limpid here with a soft breeze picking up just enough to polish the stars in the night sky.

The region is void of tribes and outposts making it an ideal training ground for the apprentice Tryker to forge his or her arms. Indeed, far away from civilized Fairhaven and its vicinity, the fauna of Dew Drops is more dangerous and includes cloppers, ragus, caprynis, gnoofs, yber birds and izam birds. The stinga is the sole intelligent plant of the region. The only kitins left after the eradication plan put into place by Rigan Mac Darrell, with help from Karavan guardians, are the kipee and the flying Kizoar, both harmless if let alone and useful for the quality of their raw materials.

Two tunnels give access to the isle of Winds of Muse.

A Karavan alter will be found in the southwest of the region. The Kamis have nor yet invested the area.

Wandering NPC'sEdit

  • Hunter : Ba'arppy Breggan
  • Prospector : Be'Gany Breggie
  • Prospector : Mac'Cautty Garmer
  • Welcomer : Dew Drops Karavan Welcomer
  • Dew Drops Kami Welcomer

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